Bettinehoeve and AVH dairy trade join forces

Bettinehoeve and AVH dairy trade join forces

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Goat Milk Powder: new milk powder producer sees growth in goat whey

Goat cheese producer Bettinehoeve from Etten-Leur, and AVH dairy trade, exporter of goat and sheep milk products from Bergen (subsidiary of Emmi, Switzerland,, have started a new enterprise: Goat Milk Powder B.V.. It is a joint venture, the result of years of close cooperation, in which both companies have equal shares.

It goes without saying that Bettinehoeve and AVH dairy trade stay independent but work together to establish this new dairy factory to be built this year in Etten-Leur. This factory, designed according to the latest technological standards and definitely state of the art will be in full operation in 2014. Its processing capacity is 5 tons of goat milk per hour. In the dairy factory goat whey and goat milk will be processed producing high-quality ingredients for the food industry. Based on the supply of goat whey and goat milk by the Bettinehoeve,  Goat Milk Powder will create a wide range of products such as whey protein concentrates with 65 to 80 percent protein (WPC’s 65-80), whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder and a number of special powder blends. Beyond the goat milk production season (April – August), Goat Milk Powder is  to dry products for others.

“Goat whey , a by-product in the production of soft cheese at the Bettinehoeve used to be processed in the feed industry. Just like the processors of cow milk have come to value whey in its own right, the processors of goat milk have also discovered the possibilities to increase its value”, says Sybren Ewijk, Bettinehoeve’s commercial director. “There has been a great demand for goat whey these past five years. AVH dairy trade has developed WPC 65-80 production outside the EU in recent years. There we noticed the limited availability of high-quality fluid goat whey”, says Arnauld van Hees, managing director and co-owner of AVH dairy trade. “This new cooperation made it possible for us to obtain an adequate amount of fluid goat whey for the production of high-quality WPC and milk powder in a permanent and constructive way”, van Hees argues.

Goat Milk Powder won’t focus solely on the baby food industry with the production of milk powder. “There are remarkable opportunities in other sectors like the sports industry, health care and (semi) pharma. Though both parties cannot make any statements about Goat Milk Powder’s growth, Sybren Ewijk does make clear that the Bettinehoeve can use more milk and whey to meet customers’ demands. Short term this second pillar will give an extra stimulus to Bettinehoeve’s milk price, but like AVH dairy trade and Emmi we too focus on the long term. “Market stability is what we need”, van Hees confirms. “Goat Milk Powder renders a second production stream at Bettinehoeve creating more stability in the company itself and that is positive for the milk price”, according to Ewijk.

For more information, please contact:
Sybren Ewijk, commercial director Bettinehoeve. +31 (0)76-5022247
Arnauld van Hees, managing director and co-owner of AVH dairy trade.  +31 (0)72-5020946