Goat dairy

Goat dairy

Goat milk is characterised by a deliciously mild and creamy taste. The milk is pure and easily digestible.

Goat milk is easily digestible due to difference in protein structure and composition and due to fat structure and composition. The milk fat globules are smaller than in cow’s milk and are more easily digested and adsorbed.

Goat milk for people who are hypersensitive to cow milk

Goat milk has a high digestibility and consumption results in less cramps and less stomach and digestive complaints due to low level of αs₁-casein, absence of beta A1-casein, GABA presence, high amount of MCT, beta-palmitate and milk fat globule structure.

Goat milk for growth, cardiovascular health and brain health

The size of the milk fat globules and specific lipid quality (high content of MCT) with a high amount of beta-palmitate and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), provide growth, reduction of cardiovascular diseases and development of brain health.

Product groups based on goat milk/goat dairy

AVH dairy trade B.V. offers the following product groups based on (organic) goat milk/goat dairy: