Goat cheese

Goat cheese

Goat cheese finds itself in the centre of growing interest. And not surprisingly, considering its healthy character.
Moreover, its flavour is distinctly pure and mild.

The endless versatility also offers a wide range of possibilities for using goat cheese in various dishes, both warm and cold. Finally, because of the extensive range, goat cheese can be part of an exquisite cheese platter or served with a glass of good wine.

Dutch semi-hard cheese from goat milk

Dutch semi-hard cheese from goat milk is processed on the farm and in the dairy factory. The young semi-hard cheese is ready for consumption after only six weeks of ripening. After longer ripening, the cheese will gradually get more taste and character. A distinctive feature is the creamy flavour, with a slight walnut taste and small ‘crystals’.

Midnight Moon

A good example is the Midnight Moon, a goat cheese that AVH dairy trade B.V. has developed and is produced by prestigious Dutch cheese dairies for our sister company Cypress Grove Chevre in the north of California.

Cypress Grove Chevre is also part of Emmi, Switzerland.


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