Sheep cheese

Sheep cheese

Not surprisingly, the interest in sheep cheese grows more and more. It has got a pure and mild taste and can be used in various dishes. Moreover, sheep cheese is very healthy.

Sheep cheese gets increasingly more popular and not without reason. Not only because it taste wonderful but also because of the extensive assortment and numerous applications in hot and cold dishes, for instance, or in sandwiches, served with a glass of wine or part of an exquisite cheese platter.

Dutch semi-hard cheese from sheep milk

Dutch semi-hard cheese from sheep milk is processed in the dairy factory. The young semi-hard cheese is ready for consumption after only three weeks of ripening. After longer ripening, the cheese will gradually get more taste and character. A distinctive feature is the buttery color and creamy flavor.

Lamb Chopper

A good example is the Lamb Chopper, a sheep cheese that AVH dairy trade B.V. has developed and is produced by prestigious Dutch cheese dairies for our sister company Cypress Grove Chevre in the north of California.

Cypress Grove Chevre is also part of Emmi Switzerland.


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