A new Managing Director at AVH dairy per January 1st 2018

A new Managing Director at AVH dairy per January 1st 2018


Dear friends,

It has been 16 years ago that my wife Monique and myself founded AVH dairy. 16 great years followed in which the company grew from start-up to its current position of a leading international supplier of goat’s and sheep’s milk products, in particular cheese, milk powder and whey protein concentrates.

16 years is a long period of time and I have been fortunate to grow personally with AVH dairy, with our team and with many of you as important relationships over the years.

It has been my decision to step back from my current role per end of 2017.  With our parent company Emmi I have agreed to continue to share my insights, expertise and commitment as a strategic consultant for the goat part of the Emmi Group, which grew to 8 great companies in recent years (!)  and besides that I remain a minority shareholder of AVH dairy.

I am pleased to announce that Franck van Dalen will be taking over the position of Managing Director as of January 1st 2018.

Franck joined us as global sales executive in 2011. He brings in great sales experience and knowledge of the goat milk market. Over the years, he has built up a strong network and close relationships with the AVH dairy customers and suppliers. Furthermore, he played an important role in the professionalization of AVH dairy in terms of vision, mission, strategy and organizational development.

I wish Franck much success and satisfaction in his new role.

No doubt there will be time to be in contact and reflect in more detail over the coming months.

Kind regards,

Arnauld van Hees
Managing Director




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