Goat Milk Powder B.V.

Goat Milk Powder B.V.

Milk powder factory Goat Milk Powder B.V. is a result of the cooperation between goat cheese producer Bettinehoeve B.V. from Etten-Leur and AVH dairy trade B.V. from Heerhugowaard, exporter of (organic) goat and sheep milk products. Both subsidiary of Emmi, Switzerland.

The current sales of goat milk powder by AVH dairy combined with the raw material processing by and production location of Bettinehoeve, and completed by the expertise of Emmi, form a solid basis for Goat Milk Powder B.V.

A unique supplier in the dairy world

Goat Milk Powder B.V. is a unique supplier in the dairy world. Based on goat whey and goat milk a range of dairy products such as whey protein concentrates with 55% protein (WPC55) and (organic) full cream goat milk powder (FCMP) are produced.

Goat whey and goat milk for the food industry

The goat milk factory is in use since June 2014. Its processing capacity is 5 tons of milk per hour. In the dairy factory, goat milk and goat whey is delivered by Bettinehoeve and processed into high quality ingredients like (organic) full cream goat milk powder and WPC55, where quality of the products has the highest priority.
AVH dairy trade B.V. is responsible for the world wide sale and market development of these powders, which can be processed in applications in infant formula, sports nutrition, diets for the elderly and food ingredients in general.

Cooperation has made it possible to contribute sustainably and constructively to not only the Dutch goat milk production but also to a healthy demand from the (international) food industry for a high quality raw material flow of 100% dried goat milk and without any cow milk contamination.

High quality

The goat milk processed in the dairy factory is delivered by Bettinehoeve’s goat milk suppliers. For more than twenty years, Bettinehoeve has been able to count upon their more than 45 milk suppliers; most of them live in the South/South-west of the Netherlands. The goat farmers put a lot of effort in keeping their stock healthy and its milk production at a high level.

Thanks to them, high quality powder from Dutch origin is available for Goat Milk Powder B.V., an important prerequisite for achieving the highest standards in goat milk powder.

Cow milk free production

Goat Milk Powder B.V. has decided to keep its factory free from cow milk. The advantage is that the chance of having any cow milk residue in the end product has been eliminated, a unique selling point for the application as mentioned above.

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