AVH dairy trade B.V. for (organic) goat and sheep dairy products

AVH dairy trade B.V., situated in Heerhugowaard, in the Netherlands, is founded in 2001. AVH dairy trade B.V. is specialized in global trade and market development in goat and sheep dairy.

Our broad range consists of (organic) milk powders (FCMP – SMP – WPC – D90 – lactose), (semi) hard cheese, curd and (organic) liquid milk in bulk.

Through the extensive network, full focus on goat and sheep dairy, in combination with a professional experience team that have built up a solid reputation in the cheese distribution, infant formula and business-to-business food industry, AVH dairy trade B.V. is capable to give optimal advice to their clients.

More about AVH Dairy

Goat dairy

Goat milk is characterised by a deliciously mild and creamy taste. The milk is pure and easily digestible. Goat milk has a high digestibility and consumption results in less cramps and less stomach and digestive complaints due to low level of αs₁-casein, absence of beta A1-casein, GABA presence, high amount of MCT, beta-palmitate and milk fat globule structure.

Goat milk products

Sheep dairy

Sheep milk is characterised by a deliciously full, mild and creamy taste. Sheep milk contains more protein and fat than goat milk and cow milk and is pure and easily digestible. Reason is that the fat globules in sheep milk, just as in goat milk, are smaller than those in cow milk and therefore decomposed quicker and absorbed through the body.

Sheep dairy products

Our Dairy innovations & news

AVH dairy trade B.V. strives to obtain a better valorisation of goat and sheep milk. We are both match maker and market leader. With our international network we can realise successful relations.

Have you got any ideas or suggestions? We would like to think along on product and market levels. We welcome product innovations that, in our opinion,  add value to both producer and consumer.

News and dairy innovations

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